The mission...

The mission of JEKL is to change the world through empowerment by maximizing mental, emotional, and physical potential. 

How it's done...

JEKL is designed to maximize people’s mental, emotional, and physical potential. The program is predicated on principles that link mind and body with one’s energy.  This is achieved by implementing neuromuscular bodyweight gymnastics conditioning, which is also a catalyst for the Reticulating Activation System, which ultimately effects the brain’s plasticity. 


JEKL is built around the concept of human nature.  The natural construction of the program is what allows people to experience change. Through interaction with basic elements, exposure to movements that encourage the application of critical thinking, willingness and energy, and coaching that is rooted in human biomechanics and neuroscience, change is inevitable and lasting.  You can fool yourself but not the program. With the forces of nature at work you have no choice but to become authentic.

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