JEKL Programs

All JEKL Programs are designed to maximize mental, emotional, and physical potential. This is achieved by implementing neuromuscular bodyweight training and by using the five JEKL Principles to promote psychological development.
JEKL One-on-One


Maximum exposure to the JEKL Principles

Individualized mental, emotional, and physical development

Sole attention of your JEKL Coach

Quickest way to maximize all facets of your life

The JEKL 10


Best way to discover what JEKL Training is all about.

Introduction into neuromuscular training.

Designed to increase range of motion, explosive power, static strength, muscular endurance as well as mental awareness


Simple movement and yoga exercises to increase overall health and wellness.

Focused on bettering posture, balance, core strength, and musculoskeletal mobility.



Teach your team, from athletic teams to corporate teams, how to implement the JEKL Principles within your organization.

JEKL Group


Best way to train with friends. 

More skill and equipment-based neuromuscular conditioning exercises.

Human development program that nurtures mental and emotional growth.


Promotes psychological development through the five JEKL Principles.

Couples neuromuscular strength conditioning and injury prevention training.

Specifically designed to maximize athlete's mental, emotional, and physical potential.



Focuses on increasing vertical jump, explosive speed, ankle stability, and mental discipline.

Exposure to the JEKL Principles that gives you the competitive edge over every other athlete.

Boyer educational consulting


Boyer Educational Consulting is committed to teaching students how to maximize their educational opportunities while developing tools for empowerment and skills for life. By implementing the JEKL 3 Formula (J3 Formula), students will embark on a journey of self-discovery and ultimately realize their authenticity, which will result in their personal empowerment. Through the development of strong communication skills, students will be able to not only navigate high school and college, but also implement these strategies well into their adult lives.

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