Train Your Brain

Dr. Bruce Lipton: The Power of Consciousness


How much of a role does environment play in our genetics? How consciously aware are we really? Learn more about the study of epigenetics with Dr. Bruce Lipton below!

Know Your Brain

Learn some basic facts about how your brain works and what that means for you!

Athene's Theory of Everything: Chapter One


In quantum mechanics we have learned to approach reality differently and see everything as probabilities instead of certainties. In a mathematical sense, anything is possible. As well as in science as in our daily lives, the extent to which we can calculate or figure out probabilities is determined by our intellectual capability to recognize patterns. The less biased we are, the clearer we can identify these patterns and base our actions on reasonable probabilities. Since it's in the very nature of our brain's left hemisphere to deny ideas that do not fit into our current paradigm, the more attached we are to a belief system, the less able we are to make conscious choices for ourselves. 

But by observing this process, we expand our awareness and enhance our free will. It is said that wisdom comes with age, but with openness and skepticism, the key principles of the scientific method, we don't need decades of trail and error to sort out which of our convictions may be improbable. The question is not whether our beliefs are right or wrong, but whether or not being emotionally attached to them is more or less likely going to benefit us. There is no such thing as a free choice while being emotionally attached to a belief system. The moment we are self-aware enough to realize this, we can truly work together to figure out the real odds of what will benefit us the most.

-Athene's Theory of Everything, Epilogue

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